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Business owners & employers

You are a business owner, focused on growing your company and servicing your clients. You want to attract and retain good people, confident that your employment practices are compliant.

BlandsLaw has many years’ experience in providing strategic advice and analysis to companies undergoing organic or substantive change, including preparation for sale, purchase and re-structure.

Law at work

BlandsLaw can advise you on day-to-day employment matters such as drafting employment contracts or conducting performance reviews; and we can also assist with business protection issues such as restraint of trade, protection of intellectual property, and employee and equity schemes.


You receive personalised, timely and relevant service from the BlandsLaw team – working directly with the experts, not a team of junior lawyers. We form a long-term, strategic partnership with you so that we understand your business needs. Despite our considerable know-how, we won’t baffle you with legal jargon or over-engineer our advice.

No dramas

If your organisation is involved in a dispute about employment or commercial law, you’ll need timely, practical legal advice from a reliable, unflappable source that doesn’t cost the earth – that’s what you get from BlandsLaw.

The earlier, the better

Obtaining legal advice early on in your business planning process helps reduce the possibility for drawn-out or costly litigation and other commercial risks, further down the track.

Information you can use

On this site you’ll find practical information on employment and commercial law, designed to help reduce your risk and increase your opportunities.


On this site you’ll find practical information you can use in your workplace.

This is your one-click shop for updates on changes in employment law, to tips on drafting and implementing workplace policies - and more.